We are privileged to serve Malawi through Amazing Grace AIDS Ministry.

Learn more about the individuals behind AGAM below. 


Fr. Bryan O'Carroll

Valrico, FL

Fr. Bryan serves as the Rector of Holy Innocents Church since 2018. He is a founding member and president of AGAM. 

Fr. Jason Collins

Conway, SC

Fr. Jason is the Pastor of  St. Paul's Church since 2016. He has remained an active member of AGAM's board since its founding.

Cheryl Jordan

Virginia Beach, VA

Cheryl is an active member of Galilee Church and was introduced to AGAM while serving as President of Women of Galilee.

Fr. Patrick Edwards

Southampton, NY

Fr. Patrick is the rector of St. John's since 2015. He is an active member of the AGAM board and supports the ministry in multiple ways.


Fr. Andrew Sumani

Malawi, Africa

Fr. Andrew is actively engaged in ministry activities in Malawi, Africa working directly with the people AGAM seeks to reach.

Fr. Joel Prather

Pewaukee, WI

Fr. Joel joined the AGAM board in 2020. He is the Rector of St. Bartholomew's since 2018. He supports communications efforts.


Arlo Fellenz



IMG_3683-min cropped.JPG

Lukas Oest

Sarasota, FL

Lukas joined AGAM as a non-board member in 2017 to support the branding and marketing of AGAM in the U.S.